1. Why a ride for conservation ?

To raise awareness and support for the conservation of orang-utans in Sarawak and sharks, as well as for the environment.

2. Why these routes ?

The routes take riders to locations where conservation of biodiversity is being done.

3. Why does WCS Malaysia encourage the public including the youth to volunteer and participate in the ride ?

a. Each individual can contribute to saving the world.

b. Every donation counts,

c. WCS Malaysia wants to engage with the youth who are vital stakeholders as they are the future caretakers of Earth.

4. Is this a one off event ?

No. We organized a cycling (Ride for The Wild) and running (Run & Bleed for The Wild) annually since our first event, Ride for the Wild 2015, and hope to continue organizing these events.

5. Why is this ride different and labelled an environmentally-conscious ride ?

Our event is a green event because we do not encourage the use of plastics and we are asking riders to help make pledges to save the environment.

6. Is WCS Malaysia just raising funds or are the staff leading by example ?

Aside from raising funds, WCS Malaysia’s Director and staff members are also riding to raise awareness of the conservation of orang-utans and sharks.


About the ride

7. What if I can’t ride on the day of the event ?

We have a virtual ride category to accommodate interested individuals who are unable to ride on the day of the event. Virtual rides enable a rider to ride any distance (56km or 23km) on any day of their convenience with an option to donate for conservation.

8. How difficult are the routes ?

The routes are generally flat and smooth. Riders are expected to end the ride at about 10.30 am (4 hours after 6.30 am flag off; 2 hours after 8.30 am flag off).

9. Will there be Marshals or Police throughout the route ?


10. What do I get when I register ?

You will get a Ride Pack containing:

a) A R4TW 2017 T-shirt.

b) A wrist-band

c) Promotional items from the organizers.

11. Can I get a refund or transfer my registration to another person ?

No, unless in extreme circumstances which require the participant involved to supply a relevant medical certificate.

12. Will there be a cut-off time ?

The approximate cut-off time is 4 hours.



Facilities and support

13. Will there be a support team for the riders ? What if I can’t finish the route ?

We hope all riders are fit and use road-worthy bicycles.  Please, therefore, check your bike and bring spares. Finally, a safety van carrying medical personnel will also be available to pick up riders who are unable to complete each event.

14. Will drinking water provided at the finish  ?

Yes, a water dispenser will be provided at the finish for participants to refill their water bottle.

15. Where are the parking areas on event day ?

Participants can park at Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus’ parking areas.

16. Will there be portable toilets along the course ?


17. Will there be water-stations located along the route ?

Water-stations are available at the transit points on the route, e.g. at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.


Donations and contributions

18. Where does my donation go ?

Orangutan conservation activities such as conservation education in schools and field surveys of orang-utans.

19. If I am not a rider, how can I contribute ?

You can:

a. Help with distribution of conservation education materials to the riders (if needed);

b. Participate in public beach/ river clean-up of plastics for the marine work;

c. Donate to organizations such as Wildlife Conservation Society.

20. Can I contribute funds to the conservation work without riding ?

a.PayPal, b. Bank account, c. Donation boxes, d. Cash(Please ask for receipt)



21. How many orang-utans are there in Sarawak ?

The current estimated population is less than 2000.

22. Are there any other conservation events for 2017 ?

Yes, there will be a run organized by the end of the year to support wildlife conservation.

23. Does WCS Malaysia accept interns ?

Yes. For those who are interested, please email us at wcsmalaysia@wcs.org

24. Are there any other activities on event day ?

There will be a Zumbathon and a recycling drive at the Multi-purpose Hall (MPH) on Swinburne University of technology, Sarawak campus handled by the Swinburne’s Dance Club and Green Club respectively. Additionally, Sarawak Biodiversity Center, will have an open day to entertain riders in the 56km route.

There are also some side activities on Swinburne by the WCS and other clubs that promises to entertain visitors of all ages.